Monday, September 12, 2011

Moon Cakes

The Chineses mid-autumn festival is going on right now, today being the most important day because of the full moon. I was talking with one of my co-workers whose weekend was filled with mid-autumn festivities and I asked her about moon cakes and where to find the best ones in the city. After she got over her surprise that I knew what they were, she told me that moon cakes were very expensive and they averaged at $40 for a box of 4. These little cakes are typically the size of my hand or a small meat pie. Now it was my turn to get over the shock. $40 for 4 little cakes filled with egg yolk or fig. Though considered a delicacy, I was still shocked at the price. I think back to my first introduction to them when I was 12 years old and I understand why I was only given a portion. Expensive and not to be wasted on the fickle taste buds of a sheltered, upper-middle class white girl. True story. This friend was also only friends with me because she thought I was pretty. Ahhh... to be young again!

Yaden at work told me that tomorrow the moon cakes will be better priced. Perhaps I'll have to seek them out tomorrow. Mmmmm...

By the way, I was also told that the best lace to find Moon cakes is that the TNT Asian markey in north calgary though I had to admit, I have seen them in some of the bakeries in downtown China Town. Or I suppose, you can always make your own. Mmmm... it's time for breakfast.

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