Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Costumes for Two

You can go with the traditional Sonny and Cher, Antony and Cleopatra, Sid and Nancy, Plug and Socket (this list goes on and on), but if you are a part of a twosome this Hallow’s Eve, why not go for something quirky and different? Here are ten great ideas to ensure you have couples everywhere slapping their heads in the proverbial “why didn’t I think of that” gesture.

1. Jay-Z and Pregnant Beyonce – Pick your favorite looks from the reigning King and Queen of music. Double points if you add the baby bump and wear anything from House of Dereon.

2. Boris and Natasha – From Rocky and Bullwinkle!

3. Go as each other – This idea only works when you attend a party with mutual friends who get the joke, but it just requires switching wardrobes and adopting your significant others’ charming mannerisms.

4. A pair of blue jeans - You both just need all blue attire and name tags that say “Gene” and “Jean” respectively. Inexpensive, clever and perfect for the guy who isn’t into costumes.

5. Lady Gaga and Jo Calderone - Great for the girl who wanted to do this look solo, great for the guy who just wants to dress like Danny Zuko.

6. Jake Ryan and Sam Baker – 16 Candles anyone? A letterman’s jacket and an awful 80′s bridesmaid’s dress is all you need to make this throwback costume golden!

7. Quailman and Patty Mayonnaise – Everyone’s favorite cartoon duo brought back to life! Pink polka dots for her and underwear on the outside of the khakis for him. For you third wheel friend, Skeeter Valentine is a great addition. Awwww.. love the show Doug.

8. Double Rainbow – The YouTube sensation comes to life when you construct two rainbow costumes. One smaller so one person can crouch down to make the perfect photo op.

9. Carmen Sandiego and a Globe (or map) – Won’t take a gumshoe to figure out that this idea is pretty great. Or she looks pretty good with Waldo too.

10. Jack and Sally – From Tim Burton’s most successful animated film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. This one is for real Halloween enthusiasts because it involves make-up and pretty specific attire.

You can also add “Zombie” in front of any and all couple costume ideas (much like adding “in bed” at the end of any cookie fortune) and it totally works. Zombie Ken and Barbie, Zombie Romeo and Juliet, Zom-bee’s (Zombie Bee’s) are just a few of the endless possibilities.

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