Thursday, October 6, 2011


I find it so curious, the impact of Steve Job's death. A man, a visionary, dreamer and creator. Just another great mind in a sea of greatness. I find that I am sad, getting misty eyed as I look at the tributes, read the quotes and hear the opening essays on the CBC. The Internet is filled with pictures of iVigils. Simple statements of appreciation and respect.

Beside me, I have my own little piece of Mr. Jobs. My iPhone, full of finger prints and scratches. A much used extension of my life. How can I possibly live without it now?

The global reaction is interesting. It's as though we knew him, as though he was a distant brother or absent uncle in our lives. But he isn't (to most of us), so why do we feel this way? Why are we so touched by his passing?

Is it because he was so young, 56 is young to be passing away. In my mind, at 56, you still have lots of ideas churning out of your mind. 56 is technically too young to go.

Is it because we are resonating with others. The sadness and appreciation is contagious and we get caught up in the mob of regrets?

Is it because we are sentimental beings in the core and we want to express how our handheld devices shaped our lives, made us feel closer to people. Entertained us on transit, in line-ups and when taking a break at work?

What is it about Steve Jobs, I want to know.

I heard the speech he gave at Stanford a little while back when he announced that he had over come Pancreatic cancer. It was touching, vulnerable, and simple. Authentic, without smoke and mirrors. He spoke of the Nirvana of not caring, of having a vision and moving forward. He spoke, simply, of having guts. He spoke of death as being the greatest motivator; the best antidote to fear. That's something that I can appreciate and admire.

I'm not sure what I'm feeling or why. I'm not sure why the world is reacting the way it is. It's touching though, I can't deny that. It reminds me that ever though his life ended and mine will one day, too... life its self doesn't end. It keeps going, keeps changing and no one can stop that. Nothing is ever as big as we make it out to be, be nothing will ever really stop the flow of life and time.

Anyway, those are my muddled thoughts, I'm curious as to what you think. What was your reaction to the news of Steve Jobs life. What is your reaction to the out pour of admiration and tribute?

On Edit:
I realise, that he has made such a huge impact in the world of computers. I think, someone like me who has almost no idea, is vaguely aware of what he's done. I see that being a big part of it. The face of change. The face that was once thought of as the face of the future. Will or would the reaction be the same if Bill Gates were to pass away? I'm going to vote, probably not. They are different, I know.

I came on here to put a few extra thoughts, hoping to clarify my process here, but it doesn't seem to be happening.

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