Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Personal Trainer

Last night, I had my first meet and greet with my personal trainer, Geoff (which I happen to think of as a fetching 'dog name'). I told him my objective, he asked me questions. He watched how my body moved when I did push-ups, squats and other such various movements. He noticed a very obvious muscle imbalance on my lower back, on the right side. I was aware that I was a little crooked but, he said this might be a problem. He refereed me to someone to check it out.

I like being at the gym. I like that I've joined the YMCA. There are a lot of boys there but there is only one boy I have my eye on. Mr. NP, the blind date guy. He goes there too. AS does my BFF LB and her partner C. I originally looked at the YMCA because it was close, smaller and cheaper. I like it and I joined because it wasn't that busy, the people were nice and when I went to sign-up, I ran into 8 people I knew.

Geoff, my trainer, he has my same body type. Can eat whatever he wants but doesn't gain weight. It's nice to work with someone who understands and doesn't curse you for having a high metabolism. He marveled at my finishing skills left over from my days of gymnastics. Why my arms pop-up in the air, it's just natural for it to flow for me. I wasn't even aware that I did it. It's like continuous glitter hands, always making the things I do sparkle.

Silly times.

So, I'm going to see someone about my back and then in two weeks I get to meet with Geoff again. He'll have a routine for me and we'll go from there. Until then, I will keep doing the things he taught me and then get comfortable in the gym. I'm most excited about the running track, a nicesoft track that doesn't have hobo's wanting to jump out of bushes to scare me. Instead, just meat heads high on muscle milk.. I can deal with them.

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