Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Planning my Best Friend's Wedding

As I mentioned before, my BFF in the whole wide world is getting married. I've appointed myself Maid of Honor (I'm so bossy) and have taken the task underhand. I don't know anything about weddings and that's OK. This is a small one. LB and CK's closest friends and relatives, coming together in celebration. I get all misty eyed just thinking about it.

  • On Friday we are heading out to my families country house to see if that would be a good location. It's free and it's in the mountains. Lots of space for dogs and people.

  • I will be making the wedding cake *eeek! Not sure why kind to make.. I have to start practicing now.

  • I will be taking Laura out to get fitted for her very special Wedding Jeans.

  • I also plan to arrange for my lovely and very talented friend Sam Livermore to do photography.

This is so exciting! It's like my baby sister is getting married but really, it's my best friend. Best of both worlds!



I don't think about weddings that much. When my good friend Rheann got married last year, that was the first time I really started thinking about it. In my mind, it shouldn't be that big of a deal. A perfect party for everyone to celebrate love. That's about it. One should not go into debt over it, one should not focus more attention on the wedding then on who you are marrying.

I want to get married, or have a union or something. I want to share my life with someone like minded. Someone who loves and lives the same as I do. I don't care if it's a destination wedding or a small thing at the country house or my parents backyard. I'd like the dress but I don't need it. I do want a good photographer. I want dancing, live music, an open bar and good food. I want just my family and closest friends there. I want the man of my dreams to be there, standing tall, without a hesitation in his heart. Proud to have me in his life just as I am proud to have him in mine. I want to see love and kindness in his eyes. I want only tears of job.

That's my dream wedding.

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