Friday, October 28, 2011

Read My Glitz

Check this weirdness out:

 That's right, lip foil... for your lips. To wear outside of the house, not on Halloween. This is a company called Glitzystick. I have a hard enough time putting on liquid foundation so something like this looks silly to me. And uncomfortable AND has me reaching for my chappy out of compulsion.

Granted, the red one doesn't look AS bad and wearing them out at the club might be fun but really.. I'm too old for this and really not that interested. Like I said, I have enough trouble putting on liquid foundation. I do. I tried this morning and ended up washing my whole face again and putting my powdery stuff on instead. Nice and safe.

What do you think? Could you see yourself using this product? I promise, I won't judge.


Calvin said...

I would totally use that.

amourissima said...

Calvin, I'm judging.

Calvin said...

That's okay. I'm my own worst judge, and I still give me a 10.

The Clever Pup said...

because I have such thin lips I would look like a Bond villain.