Thursday, November 10, 2011


Things have been nothing short of really busy. Really, really busy. I think it's typical for this time of year, if I can remember from previous blog entries, I didn't write much in November and I may have written even less in December. I start writing again in January. After year end, after my birthday... after everything. Life just kind of reinvents itself in January.

My mind has been focused on work as well as affairs of the heart, I try and figure out where it is that I stand these days. Thinking about the past, thinking about lessons learned. Looking at the present and wondering about who I am and how I project myself. Friends of mine mostly seem to be in challenging relationships at different stages. I have a good male friend who met a lovely lady over the weekend and he is pining hard core for her. I've never seen him this gaa-gaa over a woman. He sounds like me when I met someone new. I'm impressed and find myself feeling rather warm to my friend in this vulnerable light. It's lovely. I've been giving him golden tips, secrets that I hold close to my heart that I know for a fact that he doesn't do. Things that girls with standards like. Things that more boys should do naturally, but they don't.

Another friend of mine is with a man who is amazing when you first meet him, but behind closed doors he's controlling, possessive and kind of crazy. She loves him, we've all been there. I doubt that he'd change but she needs to realise that for herself. I've been standing there, by her side, supporting her and trying to make sure that she sees the truth. It's been hard for her and to be frank, I've been very scared. I've had a handful of boys that have turned crazy on me and I don't want this to happen to her. Again.

My BFF is getting ready for her wedding in February. I am finally back on good terms with her partner, which is good. Last night, I had weird dreams about her and that she was still unsporting of our friendship. Still. I don't think it's a reflection at all of how she feels anymore. I hope not. Last night I let the beans spill about everything, that my BFF has told me exactly what she had said about me and that was a bad thing.

Another friend of mine has had this major bad sting of luck. Starting with the beginning of October were he lost his GF and then everything professional just started to fliter away.. it's been all kinds of life changing things. Yesterday he was terminated, without cause. He's been putting on a happy face and we've been talking lots. I haven't really given much thought or energy to this guy in a really long time so it's funny to have him back almost 100% in life, maybe more.

I realise that I am talking more about other people then my own life right now. Everything has been busy for me and I don't really feel like going into details. It feels good to write though, to debrief for a little.

That's all, still alive, still kicking, still eating my heart out. Love you all!

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