Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Museum of Broken Hearts

Let’s face it, breakups suck. Uncoupling yourself from that special relationship can take weeks, sometimes months of tears, eating straight from the carton of Peppermint Candy ice cream and recounting the tales of couple-doom to friend after friend. Then, there’s the collection of your ex-partner’s stuff, souvenirs and mementos of much happier times, lurking around to pierce your heart when least expected. I know. I've heard about being dumped from friends plenty of times (ahem... haha). Thankfully, the Museum of Broken Relationships, an international traveling museum currently in London, offers to unburden “heartbreakers and the heartbroken” of the personal belongings of lovers’ past by collecting the remnants of failed relationships. The exhibition’s website also houses a “virtual collection,” where ex-lovers can immortalize their emails, pictures and texts anonymously as a form of self-help and closure to the loss.

Being a girl with lots of love to give... I often end up with at least one broken heart a year. So far, I'm up to 3... woooweeeee!

Donate your old love notes, sexts, photos or check the site for your stuff here.


This reminds me of the Death Bear post I did a few years ago (actually.. it looks like I posted it last year).

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