Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I'm sitting at Cora's by myself having breakfast and they are playing
the Super Nanny song on the radio. I didn't know that was a real song.
I just finished up the gym, I have no make up on and yesterday's hair.
Last night I went to The Ship with ZT, I totally needed that. Together
we ate far too many carbs, I had a grilled cheese with pizza on the
side. True story. He had the cheese pasta. I told him about my uncle
and he told me how his mum light the stove on fire. We showed each
other videos of snakes eating and vomiting things up. Just what I

I'm cranky today, every time I talk to my mum I get mad. I don't know
why, I just do. She wants me to do her reading at the funeral and I
don't think I should. I also upset that I am missing New Years, I
wasn't yesterday. Why am I so mad? I woke up this way. I can't be this
way, what positive purpose does it serve? None. It could just be
unexpressed sadness.

Private Eyes is playing on the radio, much better.

I'm seeing SL tonight which will be nice, as long as I can shake this
inner bitch. I should also pack when I get home from breakfast. I'm
going to try and have a "what are we doing here?" talk with him. I
need to pick a track with him friends or something else... Can't be
both. Well it can, you know what I mean. "Something else" can be both
but friends can only be friends in my world.

I don't know what to bring to the funeral. God knows I have enough
dresses... Can I just wear the same thing everyday? That's very
Italian of me, same black dress, everyday. Mourning fashion.

Anyway, my tummy has been a mess this week and I just drank too much
fluid with my breakfast. I should waddle my way home. When did my blog
change like this?? All these careless posts from my phone. Oh well,
it's a phase.

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