Monday, December 26, 2011

Hard Christmas

Still blogging from my phone. I'm standing in my kitchen writing this.
I finally feel good today. Really good. Like there's summer in my
heart. That doesn't minimize the sadness of the last few days or how
difficult the last month was for me but today, I feel good. I am happy
to put Christmas away for another year. Next year will be different
yet again. There will be good things and hard things but I have to
admit this was one of the hardest Christmas' in my existence and
that's saying a lot.

But it's over and put away. Time to move forward and get ready for my
32 year of life. There is a possibility of a short trip to NYC in the
next few days granted it's as a result of a funeral but I'm happy to
get on a plane again for whatever reason.

Then I will plan a pleasure trip for me and keep looking for that one
job that looks interesting enough for me to move on.

And that's that. I go back to work in Wednesday and I hope that my
boss will understand about my uncle. I'm happy to return to normal
life. I have emails to write, people to see and meet. Experiences to
be had. Let's do it.


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