Sunday, December 25, 2011


And within 12 hours my uncle went from happy new life to gone. That
accident changed the lives of many people, many of whom will always
remember Christmas Eve as the day he passed away.

It's hard to process, I know my mum needed to take some time alone to
deal with how she was feeling. My aunt thought Christmas should be
canceled. I woke up with that familiar missing ache that takes over my
body when I know I'll never see them again.

I am so thankful for Reena Bear who came to my family's Christmas Eve.
I am Thankful for SL who spent the time listening to me process
things. My heart goes out to him so much because he has been having
such a hard second part of the year. He sat there watching movies in
his mothers living room as she lay resting in her bed. Parents being
sick, dependent on children. It has to happen at some point.

I'm not really sure what to say. We have one more day of Christmas to
get through. Then New Years which has never been a favorite of mine...
And then January. I love January. Little Christmas, my birthday and my
fresh beginnings. And then I can deal with the year again. Look at
travel finally.

I'm writing this on my phone again. I don't want to leave my bed. I
should get started with the day, my family is going to need me. I
would really like Reena Bear to come to Christmas Day this year too
but she can't.

Where ever you are and whoever you are with, much love to all and
Happy Christmas

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