Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Last night over spaghetti and meat balls, I talked about travel . I can talk about life, love, travel and food till the cows come how and dinner is ready to be cleared. I feel rather sad for Mr.SL who just had to listen. I decided yesterday that I need to take a trip on my own. I have decided this a few times and I kind of toy with the idea in my mind but really.. it feels like my life if just waiting for me to do this.

I need this.

I am looking for my sign, on where to go. My heart keeps saying Italy and my mum keeps saying no. It's not safe. I think it is. It is, isn't it? For a solo woman to travel...? It's safe? Right?

I want a place where there are no safety nets. I want a place that is going to challenge me but not completely freak me out. I just want to go. I want to go, experience and come back. This has to be done. I just need to buy a ticket and go.

There is far to much in this world to see, I need to start chipping away at it now. I can't wait for people... I can't wait for anyone. I have the means now to do it. I need to do something.

Then I saw this post on my favorite blog:

Italy Tips and I wonder if this is my sign?

I'm not sure what kind of questions I need to ask myself. Maybe I have to ask myself "what it is that I want to see?" "What is it that I want to experience?"...

Where do you think a good place would be for a solo female traveler to go?


Kat Mortensen said...

Have you been to Scandinavia? If I could jump on a plane right now, I'd go to Copenhagen and make my way to Sweden and Norway.

amourissima said...

I haven't been yet. I haven't been out of North America unless you count Hawaii.

I need to go somewhere but deciding where to start is my issue.

I like this post:

Scandinavia would be amazing too.. Oh Kat... There is just so much world to experience!

Kat Mortensen said...

Very true. I've been to Europe and the United Kingdom, and parts of the U.S., but nowhere else. I want to go to a small village in Italy or France and just live there for a while with my husband. Do you get HGTV? Watch "Househunters International"; it's an amazing program!

Thanks for your comment on my poetry. You can't possibly know how much that means to me.


Rolley said...

hmmm solo trips, that's a good question.. i dunno how Italy goes, my wife went there and said there was a bit of dodgyness but it wasn't too bad.. I think if I was going to go so far I'd want to have a few contacts on hand just incase anything happens or you have any questions, and I'd probably go Nth Europe..

I think a lot of Europe would actually make a good solo trip, but like you said it really does depend on what you want to see, do, experience = what you want to 'get' out of it in your mind & heart. Really... what is it that you're craving? What's at the very core of what you want? If you know, then you'll know where to go :)

I'm feeling pretty lucky about where I live.. my country is so big and diverse that I've only scratched the surface.. so much awesomeness.. I have so many to do's and places to see before I even want to go overseas again :) hehe. It's funny, I've lived here for 30 years almost, in the last 10 years I've seen so much but there's STILL SO MUCH to see. sigh!!

Where ever you go, stay safe and have fun!

amourissima said...

good point Rolley, thanks!

Nice to hear a bit about your wifes experience too.

Canada is a pretty large country but it feels so safe to me. I want to challange myself. I want to feel a little unsure going into it. Like an amusment ride! So when I come back I have that feeling that I can do anything. So really... I just want to connect with myself, learn and make memories. Challange myself.

Does that make sense?