Sunday, January 1, 2012


I'm sitting in Newark NJ with an empty heart, I'm going to miss my
family. I'm going to miss waking up to a kitchen full of Jersey
accents and the smell of coffee. I'm going to miss those family
dinner, hours sitting at the table talking. I'm going to miss
everyone. Yesterday we had a day of non-funeral related activities.
Even though we were so tired it was just nice to be together. We
walked around the Princeton campus, had a few drinks at done of the
pubs in the area. Talked about nostalgic moments from the past.

There were 11 of us in one house, there was only one main bathroom
aside from the master bedroom. We made it work, there was always
someone to talk too, always someone to be with. The warmth from
everyone was touching. I really do miss them. I didn't start thinking
about work till this morning.

My cousin Susan and her husband Fred have 3 wonderful children. I was
inspired by their parenting and both the devotion to their family and
to each other. Fred often looked over to Susan with warm eyes as she
went through some of the hardest moment of the week. He was looking
after her, she was a strong woman herself, always putting someone else
in front of herself. She didn't have to ask, he just knew. The
exchange of support between the children and the parents was touching.

I want to talk about the other people in my family but I'm really
tired. I'm going to have a little sleep here before I have to board my


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