Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nice Nose

I'm wearing too much fragrance today. I usually just put a little on, it's true. But I spilt.. and now I can smell it and you know when you can smell it, it's bad.

I know people have fragrance sensitivity so I try to keep it just minimal. Like I'll just wear a lotion so it's subtle and only those who come close enough to kiss me can really smell it.

But not today. Nope. The good news is I am close friends with the woman who works closet to me who is fragrance sensitive so I can tell her I"m sorry for being so stinky. I ask her ALL the time if what I wear bothers her and even if she can smell me. She says no. She's been saying no for 3 years... but today, it might be different.

To all of those with sensitive noses, I am sorry.

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