Friday, January 13, 2012

Revisiting Truths

It was 6:00AM when I got the call that prompted me to write this post a few days later. Since then, life has changed faster then the tides. Nothing looks how it once did, nothing feels like it once did and I am grateful for the freedom from my ruts.

Yes, some of the growth has been awkward as the boundaries have been challenged. Getting to know newness that is disguised as familiar is never an easy task. But i am still grateful. As we result, I have indeed been on my own path of self discovery. I have stopped and questioned my intentions. I have re-evaluated my relationships. I have asked myself what is important and what isn't.

and I have answered many of these questions.

I plan to do more great things with this next year of my life. I have a list I haven't posted yet about what my intentions are. It feels small to me but a friend of mine said it was many things. We will see.

Cheers to great things!

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