Thursday, February 9, 2012

Designer Pancakes

I've been busy, too busy to blog but not to busy to quickly post about pancakes. It's Valentines Day... the weeks ahead of us are filled with things of red and pink, things of hearts, sugar and sappy sweet notes. If you have a special someone, make them breakfast in bed. What better way to make that even more special then by making designer pancakes?

Just saying...

Please often complain that they don't have anyone on Valentines Day and yes, it kind of sucks. However, most people should have someone they care about regardless of relationship status. So shower those people with a little love. Maybe it's Mum, or Dad, or your dog and cat.

I do to others what I wish one day someone will do for me. Of course, everyday is Valentines Day but I don't really care. It's nice to shower someone with love whether it be V-Day or not. Do it.

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