Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jumping on the V-Train

I had plans for Valentine's Day. That's right, I HAD plans. One of my besties and I were going to get together and do girl things/ Eat Thai, watch Eat Pray Love, dream about vacations, maybe go ice skating and paint some pottery. We were going to giggle, get dressed up for ourselves and there would be absolutely NO BOYS.

I mean seriously, the other 364 (wait it's a leap year, does that make it 365 again?) days are pretty much devoted to boys but not Valentines. Nope.

So I got a text yesterday. My bestie has a boy in her life that is HEAD OVER HEELS in love with her. He didn't really hear her when she said "I'm hanging out with my bestie on V-Day so we'll do something another day". So apparently he went out and planned amazing things to surprise her and well... long story short, I told my bestie to go. I would fend for myself.

I was a little disappointed, I was looking forward to our day. But it's OK. I get it for sure. I'm seeing her instead on Wednesday.

So now I'm going to have a traditional Valentines Day of hanging out with the boy I like, go to a movie and all that stuff. No expectations.

I also made myself tuna for lunch and cut each sandwich out to look like little stars.

I love me so much. Happy Valentines Day Me!

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