Monday, February 13, 2012

Risk Taking

Think back a year ago, remember where you were? What you were doing? Who you were doing (for us un-married folk)? and why?

Now think a little harder, did you expect a year ago today for you to be where you are now?

Hopefully the answer is either an energetic no and reflection of how life had changed and served you well.

Or a grateful yes filled with self appreciation for achieving those goals you only dreamt about last year.

I love people who take risks, big risks. They always seem to come out the other end alright. I'm always so impressed. I am inspired because though I stand at the edge and look at the risks to be taken, I have a hard time jumping on my own. I have to stand there for a while and coax myself to jump. When I do, I am usually glad, but it takes some time and some though.

I am inspired again by this woman and her post about her last year and how she never thought she would be where she is now.

I hope it bring you a little self insight and inspiration as it has for me.

Inspiration: a best feeling.


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