Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Confessions: I Had a Sexy Dream about Hitler

It's true. I had a dream that I was alive during World War II and Hitler and I had an affair and he was a good lover.


Don't judge me. It was just a dream. He wasn't a horrible monster of a man in my dream either, he was a nice dream lover with a cute little mustache above his upper lip and together we hated Himmler together. I wore this long green silk dress and a mink cape. This dream had all kinds of romance that would have been perfect for a fiction film like Inglorious Bastard.

I also had a dream I was married to  Danny Bonaduce-- not the grown up version that we see around as a B rated celebrity but the Danny Bonaduce who was staring in the Partridge Family at the age of 15.We were married and then he cheated on me and I was so upset! Even when I woke up , that feeling of betrayal stayed with me. I haven't liked him since. hmph.

I also remember having a dream when I was really young about this boy I could have cared less about. His name was Lucas and he wanted nothing to do with me before my dream or after my dream but because in this dream, he kissed me and I fell deep into dream love with him, I had a soft spot for him ever since. and I've never forgotten about.

So my affiar with Dream Hilter still seems wrong, at least I can validate it with these other dreams of love and heartbreak. Interstingly enough, Dream Hitler adn I had the best relationship out of them all. Maybe that means that Danny Bonaduce is the best person in real life.

Confession Complete.

Have you ever had some weird dream relationship with anyone? I know a friend of mine had a dream he lived with Britney Spears on a pile of subwofer speakers.

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