Monday, March 19, 2012

Taking a Break from my Head

I haven't been blogging very much over here because I have just wanted to take a break from my head. I've also been crazy busy at work and getting my life on a different track.

I've been looking for new work because it's time, it's been time for a year but... now it's really time to go. Things are slowing down and I won't be screwing my company over. My biggest goal is working for a company that treats all their employees well. I am loyal and prefer to work my way through my growth within a corporation then by changing companies all together. I just no longer believe that I have space to grow where I am now.

So, change is good and I'm excited and feeling rather positive about things.

I also want to work on my hobbies more. I have that other blog B in the City, the intention with that is to bring my passion for Calgary into a realm that others can access. I love to eat, I love to do, I love to participate in life and all that fun stuff, so why not share it. Because it's a personal project, when I don't have time I don't post. It's inconsistent but whatever, I"m not to worried. I have 4 followers, one being me. I would like to put more attention into it though. I know people are always looking and though there are lost of vessels in which people can obtain info, it never hurts to have one more.

Things are good, as always. I'm working on my head, my heart and my soul. The biggest dissatisfaction comes from my job situation and the amount of apathy I have for it. Once that changes I'm sure I'll have a whole new outlook on life again. And finally taking control and trying to change it, that has made a huge impact on things. It's nice to see once again how far I've come in the last little while, I have a much stronger sense of confidence. It's great!

This weekend SL gave me some herbal type pills that work really well for his nerves or unsettled feelings, GABA. Have you tried this? I took two yesterday, in half doses. I didn't really notice a different. Being that this is my crazy woman time, I was ready to do anything to get some normalcy. So, I had a nasty upset tummy last night but that might have also been from eating the too spicy, too garlicky, Nepalese food I like.

I slept like a dream though. No nightmares and woke up a few minutes before my alarm-- GO ME!

So that is what is going on with me. I'm also trying to decide if I should take on this flight to Paris for $771 return, taxes in. It looks like I'd have to go by myself but at this moment in my life, this exact minute. That idea scares the living hell out of me. I'd rather touch a spider. Actually... I might prefer Paris, even with the expense factor.

We'll see. I'm giving myself 24 hours. Anything over $500 is not an impulse for me.

so that's me. How about you? :)

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