Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Words of Wisdom for a Girl Named Diana

"I think we all over-think, but some more so than others.  it’s our culture.  We’re told to ‘be ourselves’ and then we’re bombarded with messages that essentially say we have to be perfect and live up to some standard or fit into some mold.  So we get entirely trapped in our own heads because all we get all day are mixed messages.  It’s hard to live in this day and age and not have some mental drama going on.  Plus we’ve got to the point where a lot of our basic survival is taken for granted and is very convenient and easy to obtain because we no longer have to hunt and gather or go very far to get all the tools and supplies we could ever want and then some.  So we have a lot more time to spend “thinking” a.k.a. stressing than we would if we had an actual requirement to work for survival.  Our attempt to make life easy and more convenient has ironically made it a lot harder in many ways and as things get easier we make them harder by placing more demands on ourselves to fill the time some other way."

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