Monday, May 14, 2012

Music is a Gift

the special C by Jesse

and by gift, I don't mean my gift. It's been a special little gift given to me by different people who have peppered my life.

I was given my first guitar by my sisters. Or maybe I just claimed it as mine. It had been given to her when she was 16 years old by a boy who she dated. I call that guitar Winnie, and he is a little warped, a little old and I spent my whole life messing around with it until I though about seriously considering doing something useful with it.

Then, on my 30th birthday, I was given one by my BFF Laura. A year later when I was wondering to the museum, I met a boy who lived near me and after spending some time talking at the pub, he said he could teach me to play. The following week, there I sat in his living room. It took a few hours but it was enough. Enough to get me started.

I practiced for a year, almost every day so when it came to a year I decided it was time to get a real guitar. It was this year that I was given my own guitar,  Strawberry Jam. She's beautiful and will be with me for a really long time.

I have received other gifts along the way. Songs to learn, songs to play. Different ways to play this chord or another. Different ways to strum and even different ways to hold my guitar. I can't really say that I have a talent, I just love to play. And it's special that my hobby isn't just mine, it's a collective effort of those who have touched my life musically over the last few years.

Last Wednesday, when I was jamming with my friends, Jesse taught me a different way to play a C chord and a G chord. It's beautiful and I'll never forget it. I'm even using my pinky (which I usually never do). Sam taught me some basics of plucking which I am still working hard at learning.

Music is a gift, and the gift isn't in my simple ability of playing. The gifts to me are in the moments and time spent with these people and their support in this new found love of mine.

and I will keep playing.

(whoa, this is a rusty post. I haven't written in a very long time)

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Roll said...

hmmm nice story. I love music and I love instruments, sometimes I go to the music shop just to touch the pianos, guitars, acoustics, basses and ukes. Then walk out without even buying anything hehehe.
They bring such joy in to life.
I looked that chord up for you, its a Cadd9 chord; there's so many chord variations and most have actual names but who could ever remember them all! : )
You got an iPhone or Android phone? There's really rad apps you can get that have massive chord libraries on, show you all the fingerings and even play the sounds etc.. pretty cool really, I got a really good one for my new Ukulele.

Ahh sigh. Keep playing forever! It's a gift that keeps on giving.