Monday, May 28, 2012

Urban Bocci with Gopher Hazard

Sometimes I read peoples posts and they have these witty code names for the people in their lives. I do that in real life but in my blog life, I lack. I either use their real names or their initials. BORING! Now I have a story about someone new but... I don't know what to call him. I sometimes call him Special K because he calls me Little B or Bossy B (truth)... I just suck at nicknames, lets be honest.

WHATEVER! I haven't been writing very much so lets just get on with it...

Last weekend I played Bocci with my old, new friend Kelly (we'll just use his real name). Kelly is fun because he's like me but in man form. We went to Jr High School together and I think we were boyfriend and girlfriend back then. I also think I was an immature bitch (as an 8th grader should be) and I broke up with him because he wore ugly sweaters.

I'm not like that anymore. I date people who don't have jobs so I'd be lucky if they even owned a sweater. Kidding, the jobless boys have money coming in, they just don't have the 9-5 Monday - Friday jobs that I'm use too. Kelly does and he no longer wears ugly sweaters and if he did, I wouldn't care anyway.

On a side note, Kelly gave me an engraved locket for Valentines Day when we were a hand holding couple. I think I still have it... I should go find it. Just for old times sake.

Anyways, we've been hanging out for the last few months and just having fun.  Last weekend we took a set of bocci balls to the local park and just started playing it in the rough, in the parking lot... it was a walking version of bocci and damn it was fun. There were all kind of hazards like gopher holes and dogs and children and gophers themselves that though the balls were food.

It was awesome and fun.

I drew a picture in Paint on my computer this morning just because. Just because...

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