Monday, May 28, 2012

A Walk in the Park

Last weekend I went on a hike with my good friend ZT and a group of fancy-dancy engineers. We tried to find a mountain to climb but ended up doing a basic loop around Barrier Lake in KCountry. I didn't enjoy it as much as other hikes, the biggest thing was suck a lack of compatibility with the other hikers. I usually hike with my good friend CW/Spaceman Spiff and we never have an issue. I always enjoy his company and I assume that we both have fun while trudging through the wild of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

[This is the part where I sound like an old fart]

There was too much talking, the pace wasn't fast enough and I felt completely disconnected from nature. It was odd and I felt uncomfortable. These people were experienced hikers and they had all the special gear but it wasn't my idea of a good time. I wasn't sure of what their "why" was when they hiked. I'm not sure if I am able to communicate effectively what the issue was. The next day I went for an urban walk with CW and it fit me better. Even though it was through a park in the city, it just fit me better. That was the recharge that I needed.

I crave nature, as if it's some kind of addictive substance. I crave the spicy, damn air and the sound of the bugs, the dirty feeling of my hands. If I spend too much time in the city I NEED to get out and get back to nature. Truth being that it recharges me. I just figured it was the lack of mental stimulation and the feeling of easiness but after reading a recent article, I am aware that there is something else.

I believe that they have it pegged exactly. This is why I enjoy nature so much. It doesn't have to be a challenging hike or an intense hike. Just a pretty hike, something that is easy to flow through, interesting. Different topography, different elements. It doesn't have to be sunny or amazing out, I hike in the winter. It's just got for me,  cleansing. Like what the article says... "forest bathing".

What could be more refreshing then that? Not much.

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Roll said...

SIGH! yes, nature is the best. I can't stand over city-ness either, and all the things we find in our silly little modern lives full of over-convenience. Some of the most special moments of my life (apart from having kids of course) are the moments in complete isolation from town/city life and technology, the times where I've spent days in the middle of no where sleeping under a tarp in the torrential rain or under the star filled sky, looking up from the bottom of valleys where people don't/can't walk to.

Great isn't it. .. very special.

You got a funny point though. Hiking compatibility.. really interesting. I've been for bush walks before where half of the group have WHIZZED OFF on a madman power-walk through the bush vanishing from sight, while i've lagged behind stopping to touch things, see animals you never see, peer over dangerous cliffs, stop to look up at the trees and smell the air, and stoop to feel the cool water in running streams.

Some people go for different reasons I suppose, but those are the things that I love : ) the last time that happened we got to the end where the others had been for ages, and I said "oh did you see the such and such!?, orrrr the such and such! OR THE thingy majiggy! or the blah blah blah????" and they'd be like "HUH!? NO! how come we didn't see that!?" .. and I'd be like "urhhhh well I suppose yous did take off like a bunch of crazies in to the distance!" haha.

oop.. starting to dribble on a bit ere! ill go read the article you linked to :)

amourissima said...

I like to keep a good pace but I am also the one who spots things a long the way. I'll do the same, stop.. touch plants. Look at animals so forth.

It's lovely regardless and I find that it's even more enjoyable to spend it with someone who matches your style. Oh yeah! :)