Friday, June 22, 2012

Why I Blog


I have a Twitter account, I acquired it in 2008 and instantly left it alone for a year and a bit. Then I started tweeting again, in the form of a private online journal, I had a very strong presence on Facebook at the time so feeling anonymous was important to me when it came to expressing things authentically.

And that all changed as I started to really invest time in having experiences and living my life more fully. Twitter because a place where I could invest a little time and get a lot of information so I moved from private to public and that's when things started to happen. Slowly. I have made some fantastic connections through it and being public has allowed me to exchange info in a very casual but effective way.

I have always enjoyed sharing parts of myself, it's selfish though. It's pretty rare that I write something for others, I usually write for me.

My Dog Dinner
This was created for babble. I had been writing via Internet since Yahoo ruled the roost and everyone had Geo Cities pages. I don't know what happened to mine, but that is where it began. I learned simple coding and just created. It was so satisfying to me. I moved from there to MySpace over the course of a few years (I had a stint on the forums on a dating site called PoF but boyfriends at the time didn't understand that I just wanted to write -- and help people). I poured my heart out there and made some interesting friends a long the way. I was in a difficult relationship at the time and I was in the process of maturing. It was a challenge and I felt my way through it by writing on MySpace. Then I found Facebook and from there I felt different. I knew these people in real life, I had a few hundred friends rather then a few thousand anonymous followers. I felt like I couldn't be completely open, because lets face it. Writing to me was a cheap form of therapy. So then I started blogging. It began with a blog that still exists, it's private. I wrote a lot of bad poetry as I struggled more at getting a hold on my life. And then I created My Dog Dinner one day in March, I wanted to be seen but I wanted to remain anonymous but still have an audience. That was 2008 and I've been keeping it pretty up to date since.

My Dog Dinner is my selfish blog, I write it for me. I write it for things that i have on my mind, I write it for things that I want to learn and remember. For the last few months I have been neglecting it as I focus more on my job and other aspects of my life. As well, some changes to my life have stabilized my emotions so my inspiration is a little less artsy-angst. Hence, the poetic posts aren't so often.

I am pretty active in the city though, it's a value of mine, to experience life as I want too. I try my best to always challenge myself. I would write the odd post in My Dog Dinner directed and some of my adventures. Where I have eaten, what I have eaten, What to do, what I did.. just those kinds of things. There are so many things that I want to share with people. This is where my blogging becomes less selfish and more of a service. I have dreamt of having a job where people would come to me, lacking ideas and I would be able to create the perfect event for them. Like a concierge at a hotel-- I love helping people better their lives and what better way then through memorable experiences.

That was why B. in the City was created, it's a blog with one simple direction: to inform people of things that I think are fun to do in the city. There is so much to experience so why not try it all. I'm not 100% committed to it and it's just a hobby I do once in a while, but it's building. I enjoy it and there is just a bit more then a handful of information on the site now. It's important to me to bring attention to local, independent events that one might over look. There is always something to do in the city and for the longest time, no one knew where to look or what to do. I dated a man who didn't drink for a few years and sometimes on a Saturday night, we'd look at each other and ask "what is there to do in this city besides go to a movie or go to the bar?"... well, now there are a few answers.

Through the quest for information I have come across a lot of other sites that do it WAY better then I do, and that's good. I am glad! One of those inspirations is Mr YYC who shares the same passion as me. Today, he did something that flattered me beyond anything anyone has ever done, he mentioned me. Sounds silly but it's not. He has a huge presence in the community of Calgary Event Blogging and the fact that he took the time to bring some of his lime light to my humble little blog(s), I am speechless. And so thankful for the support.

I don't think this place is that big of a deal to anyone else but me, I do it for the enjoyment but sometimes someone will say something or so something that will remind me, I have a few readers out there. And that means something to me that I am able to add to their life in some way.

Anyways, not sure why I wrote this but I did. Thanks again for the #FF on Twitter Mr. YYC! xxoo

[truth, I am going to Google #FF as soon as I post this becasue I have no idea what that is but I think it's good! Excuse the ignorance yet again!]

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