Monday, October 15, 2012


I was reading the headlines and saw this:

"HPV shots don't make girls promiscuous, according to a new study:"

Really? This is news worthy news? I suppose it could be a concern similar to those around birth control but...

I really don't see how a vaccine can "make" a girl promiscuous. It's unhealthy self esteem and sexual awareness that fuels a girls inability to make strong sexual choices. I pride myself in having a pretty healthy idea about sex. I'm liberal with discrimination. I've had sex on the first date and I've waited months before getting physically intimate. I gage it all in how I feel about the person and about myself. Sometimes there has been talks and sometimes it's all just happened so fast in a fit of passion. I've dated boys who I've never slept with. 

All in all, it has very little to do with anything except how we think and feel in life. It's silly in my mind to worry about a vaccine, sex education or a pill making "young girls more sexual". I think it's vital to expect that they will eventually have sex and to educate them emotionally to make good choices according to them-- not according to anyone else. 

And that's my rant from my phone this morning! 

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