Monday, January 21, 2013

Bringing Blogging Back

That's right, I'm bringing it back for the umpteenth time. The sad truth is this might be a fickle attempt but no one really notices. I'm pretty sure the only people who read my thoughts these days are spam-bots and ex-boyfriends. I am grateful to the ex's because they are real people that actually distantly curious about me.
It's January, my birthday has passed... am I getting old enough now not to care? I still know my age but yesterday I wasn't sure what year it was. I was ahead of myself thinking it was 2014. I haven't made my yearly goals yet. I have a new job (that's a major reason why I haven't been writing, I have actually been working) doing something I love for a company that is fresh, progressive and exciting (though I might still be in the honeymoon stage). I have a decent grasp on my life as well, or perhaps I am choosing what battles to fight and which ones to worry about. And maybe, I have a grasp on boys. Maybe. Really, right now... I don't really care about boys (shocker!). I think that almost all of my relationships are healthy ones-- that's a lovely feeling.
I think the biggest thing is now, I want to travel. My new company is more flexible with time and I have lots of holiday time. This year should be the year that I shock myself and do something amazing. I have the ability, I'm just scared. I need someone else to commit to something for me and then I'll be down. It's making that choice though, so difficult.
I want to do some crafts-- a little creating. Find a new passion perhaps, and keep working on the ones I have.
Things have been good, even in the last 6 months of chaos and uncertainty. I dealt with losing my job like a champ. I was without work for a total of almost 3 weeks. I have nothing to complain about and though that feels fantastic in my head, heart and body... it makes for awful writing. I am motivated by the fireworks and angst to write and pour my soul out. No one wants to read peppy meanderings of joy. Mind you, since when have I ever written this for other people. Mostly, I write this for me. This blog has changed face so much in the years it has been around. I guess a little like me, it's always been the same but it's just evolved.
I'm hungry, I should find something to put in my mouth hole.
PS: the title has nothing to do with another blog "I'm Bringing Blogging Back"


Roll said...

coooool!! You sound all excited!! that's awesome! I have toooottallly dropped off the radar too on my blog.. I lost my motivation for a lot of things, blog included!

Hmm.. I should start again, too! Hmmm.. hehe
maybe! SOON! but after not blogging much I'm not sure where to start.

: )
happy 2013 by the way : P
R from Aus

amourissima said...

Rolly!!! :)

I guess you have to start at the beginning and start where it matters most. Just start typing and see where it goes. It's about you and that's the only thing. I want to read about you again! :)

Roll said...

I DID IT! YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy!!!!!

sigh : )

sigh!!! : )

Cheers to motivation!

I just posted now, with sweet pics too, suss that awesome australian scenery out when you get a chance, feast ya eyes on it mate! hehee : )