Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Punk Rock Tuesday

I'm sitting at The Ship waiting for Punk Rock Bingo. I have leggings on and a weird jersey shirt I bought in Montreal 10 years ago. I'm wearing it because it covers my butt because the leggings leave nothing to the imagination and should be exclusively for the gym. I have gym hair from my sweaty weight training session after work and yesterday a bird pooped on my head. Today was a no wash hair day. I look questionable and the guy sitting in the corner with the " I love hamburgers" t-shirt is trying to get my attention. It's Tuesday and I'm at the pub drinking alone, writing a blog post and waiting for my ex (who is really more of an awesome friend even after a 4 year relationship that ended a little messy for him).

I'm looking at the prizes as they are put up. I want the storm trooper helmet. This is like the adult version of Kid Street. Maybe I want the mini piano instead.

Food's here, I better eat.

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