Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Love Until it Hurts

In other news, I just read this article about 11 Slightly Scary Ways to Become a Better You. I think I am a little inspired, aren't you?

Which do you find to be the toughest of those choices?

The improve thing is something I have been considering for a while. It would be a huge challenge for me and though I don't mind being a fool in front of people, the idea of it terrifies me.

Loving until it hurts. I never really thought about it but the authors definition makes sense to me. I don't love until it hurts though because it's difficult to deal with. It would be a good thing to try, I think.

The rest are mostly just great ideas. I consult people of many ages and I try to learn from every person I establish a relationship with. I talk to people who I admire and find out how they got where they are. I say no and I say yes and learning the balance between the two and doing what's right for myself was difficult to figure out.

I have enjoyed silence-- both mine and my environments.

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