Thursday, September 12, 2013

Scared Shitless - Accountability

Yesterday I didn't post. I did something scary and at the time I thought to myself "This is perfect!" but things carried on and I went to see The Eagles (oh my goodness, they were amazing!) in concert and everything else was forgotten.
Today, I started my day with a slight hangover (a concert mixed with wine will do that to a person) and an overall cheery demeanor. I felt light on my feet and ready to start a new day and so something a little scary. I have had little triumphs of talking to someone I didn't know or acting on an impulse that I normally wouldn't. In the back of my mind though, past all these superficial scaries that I was doing... there was something bigger. Something dark and gray and looming over my life for the last year. I knew exactly what it was and I had done a stellar job of ignoring it. I knew my time was coming soon and I would have to deal with this issue sooner or later. I just had to stop picking later.
My fear was rooted in being accountable for something that I created. I normally don't have an issue with that but this, this bothered me. There was a wisp of self worth that was threaded through the situation and that made being accountable hard. I was terrified to address is. I didn't want to feel bad about myself, I didn't want to be responsible for the issue, I just wanted to cover my eyes and let it all go away. I have been through this 2 other times in my life, this time... it was 100% up to me.
So I took a breath, stepped up to the plate, and made a phone call and left a message. This call was about being accountable and standing up for my mistakes and taking owner ship of the issue and the errors. I picked up the phone and called another number, this time I got someone and I asked for help. I swallowed my pride and admitted that "I can't do this on my own" and they said "no worries, we have people who can help" and it was just that easy.
I felt better. For the first time in years, I sat down and looked at the numbers. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was. I can do this with or without help. Regardless, this time I will learn because this time I understand. This time feels different. This time, no one is helping me and I am doing this one my own.
Ignorance is bliss but Accountability is empowering. There is a time and place for both, and right now... as scary as the idea of it was, I feel stronger for facing it.
Today's scary was: Being accountable for my weakness.

It scares me because I didn't want to accept that I had messed up again. I didn't want to disappoint the people who have been proud of me in my life. I didn't want to listen to my mean self talk about being a loser. Note: At first I gave myself a hard time in my head, but now I am proud of myself for addressing it. I could have done it sooner, but at least I am doing it now.

Scary Ranking: 8 out of 10 I want to say 10-10 but I think there are other things I could do that would be scarier then this. This was up there though, so I give this scary an 8 because I still got weak in the knees and pits in my tummy.

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