Friday, November 8, 2013

Winds of Change... Again.

The last we really talked I was doing scary stuff everyday, 5 days a week. That was in September and because of that, things got a little crazy. It became a catalyst for a bunch of stuff I had been meaning to do and started doing. So I got crazy busy and had to focus on the reactions to my actions.
I've also been dealing with my stomach again but I think I have told you this previously. At the start of the year, I went from being able to eat anything and all things that I wanted to unpredictable digestive issues which resulted in some close calls. Having dealt with this a few times in my life I realised that maybe the diagnoses that I have IBS is something to consider.
So in May I started the elimination phase of the FODMAP diet. Well, this has changed my life. I still have digestive issues but the thing is, I only lost 10 lbs in 6 months rather then the 25 lbs I lost in 6 weeks two years ago. What I have discovered is there are certain foods I can eat and others I can not. I have stopped eating out as much as I did and I have started to cook big, tasty meals daily. Yes, I miss the social aspect of going out like I did but I feel great-- way better digestive wise than I did at the start of the year. Plus, I love experimenting and getting creative with my food. I have never cooked meat in my life until this year, and I love it.
So I feel good, I am saving loads of money and getting creative. I am gaining new skills and just doing well.
It's been really important to me that I take care of myself this year. It's been difficult coming to that place in my head that this is where I was going with everything I was doing but now that I had, I am good. A big shift has occurred. The people who do me no good in my life have been phasing out. Friends who are stuck in the drinking phase of their life or don't have the same drive and goals are going in a different direction than me. I want different things now and that's what I am moving towards. It's just natural for some people to not be part of that journey.

So that's just a quick little thing about what's going on.. this blog has become a weird place over the last few years. It just takes its own form as my life goes from this place to that. Like an online diary.

I keep some of the more personal things out of here now because everyone doesn't need to know everything at this time. Anyways,I have to move on with my day and get some more work done. Hopefully there will be shift with this soon too.



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