Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Car Crashes

My heart is a little broken. I was on my twitter this evening and saw
as people tried to make their commute home in all the snow, there was
an accident. Within the volume emergency vehicles were trying to get
from the accident to the hospital. The children's hospital. Two
children under the age of 4 were injured in a complete freak accident
and emergency crews were trying to get through highly congested, snow
clogged roads. A plea came out on twitter to drivers to be patient, to
allow emergency crews through and the city obeyed.

It wasn't enough though. It broke my heart to see the news that one of
the children involved didn't make it. They passed away and nothing
could be done. I couldn't help but think to myself what the parents
must be thinking. Just hours ago they might have been thinking about
dinner, the traffic, how they hated the snow and all the other
drivers. They might have been thinking about Christmas, worried about
getting everything done and annoyed the didn't win the 100 million
dollar lottery. Big thoughts at the time but now, they must feel so

I can't help but project how I might feel being in that situation. It
breaks my heart and I cry for the people who survived. For the
relatives whose lives won't ever be the same, that of the driver of
the car with the children that go hit, the driver of the truck that
loft control and did the hitting. All of it, I imagine might be hard
and I am do sorry that any of you have to go through it.

I wanted to talk about this for no reason other then sadness over the
news. Twitter doesn't give me space or privacy it once did but my blog
does. A place to come and air my head.

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