Friday, December 13, 2013


I am lucky. Lucky to be able to eat foods based on digestive comfort
not on strictly for survival. I am lucky that I can complain about
being too full. About having an abundance in my kitchen and still not
thinking I have "anything to eat". I feel that I am lucky that I can
be choosy (and maybe some might call this "spoilt") and only eat the
tops of my broccoli and not eat the stems of my spinach. I am lucky
because I can go to the grocery store and buy anything I want. I am
lucky because I can go to the grocery store-- period. I am lucky
because I have options and choices.

As a country most of us can eat based on taste, not just for survival.
Food has become a form of entertainment and we are so blessed because
of that. I know this sounds strange but it hits me sometimes just how
lucky I feel to have so much in front of me. I have grown to be
resourceful with what I have and waste less then ever before because
its important to me not to take this for granted. To take any of this
for granted. I want to enjoy it (and I do) but now from a place of
survival first and taste second. Priorities have changed and that has
made other things sharper in my mind.

And it's a nice feeling to be so lucky.

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