Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Things that Went Right

This morning as I reflect in yesterday I think about the post I did
and what three things that went right yesterday. It was a rainy, quiet
day and nothing stands out right away so I have to dig a little deeper
to find them:

1) I went shopping at lunch for my brother's birthday gift and a
Father's Day gift. I found everything I needed and then some! I stayed
within my budget, I had wicked customer service and was out and back
to the office within a half hour. A perfect trip to the mall if you
ask me.

2) the dinner I made last night was a semi fail. I can cook just about
anything *except* steak. Half my battle is trying to do it on a George
Foreman grill which steams the steak more then sears it. I have tried
the oven but find that's such a major endeavor-- I need a BBQ. I did
however blow myself away with my smashed potatoes-- I picked these
beautiful little Poplar Bluff butter potatoes-- yum. And my tomato
salad had these fantastic fresh basil in it that was strong and spicy.
that alone made the dinner fantastic even thought the steak was still
a 6/10 (I did master the perfect medium rare though).

3) my body treated me right yesterday and that's always a win in my head!

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