Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Three Things

It's Tuesday and I totally forgot I've been doing this until today.
Lots has gone right since the last time I wrote but we won't get into
that because who wants to hear a list of 12 things that went right.

It's rainy today and even though my tummy was giving me trouble in the
morning, as soon as I walked out the front door into the morning
air... All of it washed away. The contrast between the gray sky and
vibrant, green leaves was stunning. The air was gentle on my lungs as
I took a long breath in through my nose and smelt the fresh, sappy
trees and damp earth. The space was quiet (there are two magpie
families living on my block and my goodness, they are noisy critters
when they are single and crowing on garbage-- but with a family?! They
are like a car alarm that goes off from 5:00am until 10:00pm) and all
felt calm. It was a great way to start my Tuesday.

Of course, then I got to work and I am in the sales and marketing
department. It's a group of extreme extroverts with voices as loud as
the magpies on my block. They were in early, clucking from their desks
in their offices. The noise can be too much. I think I'm starting to
grow out of living DT. There's noise and people everywhere I go and
sometimes I just want a break. Some privacy and some space for the
sensory overload. I find that early mornings are the closest I can get
these days. I have started to day dream about having a quiet little
house in an old neighborhood with a big backyard and the only noise I
have to hear is the man cry of Sunday morning lawn mowing. Kids
playing. The occasional car driving past at a snails pace.

Soon... This will happen.

It seems I've gotten distracted. There things that went right today

My workout went well. I upped my weights on my back squats and that
always feels good. I also don't grunt like the boys who lift the same.

I had some honest laughter. The kind that isn't just about being
friendly and social. The kind that surprises you, you weren't
expecting to laugh but you did and it sounds great and feels even
better because it erupts from your belly in a fantastic release.

My dinner turned out awesome. I always try to create as little waste
with food as possible but having had the big dinner in Sunday I had
some leftovers. I was able to work a lot of the veggies into my dinner
which I felt really good about. I used up some salmon I had purchased
from the market and frozen. Made my usual "Chinese style" veggies and
had a tomato salad with fresh basil from my 3 foot basil plant,
"Harmony". Some buttery rice because I like the carbs and fat. I used
up a pint of strawberries with two stalks of rhubarb and made a
wonderfully tart crisp. My fridge is finally getting some breathing
space and it is happy.

I also went for a nice, long walk in the rain with Brent after dinner.
I was dressed for it but that guy needs to get with it-- better shoes
and better outerwear.

Those were the things that went right today. And now it's time for sleep.

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