Friday, June 13, 2014

What Went Well

I read this post today about doing things that bring further feelings of happiness to our lives. Nothing wrong with that!

I have often been a believer of expressing gratitude because the release of energy (of any kind) is very therapeutic. It's a good way to live a life of no regrets and the best way to wake-up in the morning truly feeling like you have a fresh page to start your day with.

Another thing that the article mentioned was to post 3 things that went well in the day. I like that better then being gracious about things. It's a nice way to re-frame your day even if you are already in a negative space because if you've had a nasty kind of day, it can be hard to feel grateful but it can be easy to see where things went right.

Things that went right yesterday:

I decided to switch my gym day to Friday so I could go for my lunch time walk on Thursday. This was motivated by wanting to get some sun on my face. It was perfect because yesterday the morning cloud had burned off enough to let out a gentle warmth from the sun. I enjoyed a peaceful walk along the river with the sun touching my skin. Today, it's a beautiful rainy, June day. I might have still gone for a walk at lunch with my umbrella and boots but instead, I went to the mall and bought some awesome gifts for a birthday and Father's Day. Then I'll leave work early tonight and head to the gym before I go home. Perfect!

Yesterday after work I went to the children's hospital. I had 2 big boxes of brand new, unwrapped toys to donate. I didn't call ahead, I just looked on their website and showed up. Got to park right in front, walk in and drop them off. It was easy and quick and it was nice to finally get the boxes out of my kitchen. I also felt good donating toys that I think the children would like.

and the last thing that went right yesterday was going out to eat. I got a seat at The Ship during opening day of The World Cup. That's pretty good, if you ask me!

I'm not sure if I will take the time to make this list everyday, I guess I could since I can easily email things from my phone that turn into post. Knowing me and this blog though, my commitment level is much lower for whatever reason. I was more committed to other blogs in the last 3 or 4 years.

That could change, we will see. In other news though, went are 3 things that went right in your day?

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