Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For Umbrella or Against Umbrella

So I've been spending the last 2 hours trying to decided if I want to use my umbrella on the way home.

  • It's snowing (Pro Umbrella)
  • It's wet snow (Pro Umbrella)
  • It's windy (Against Umbrella- counts for 3 points)
  • I'm wearing non-waterproof mascara which by the time I got home would make me look like a dead Gothic bunny (Pro Umbrella)

Looks like a tie to me.

Maybe I'll just have to wait until I actually get out in the snow to see what I should do.
Really, it doesn't matter becasue I'm going home anyway- the mission is to get home as soon as possible...don't you think a wet, dead, goth bunny would be a hell of a lot faster then posh umbrella princess?

1 comment:

amourissima said...

I used my umbrella.