Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stairway To Heaven

I work in a tall sky scraper in the core of my city on the 25th floor. With panoramic views of the sprawling Rockey Mountains I find myself often distracted and aching to hike rather then work on my spreadsheets.

Once a year we have "fire drills" which means we stage an actual fire alarm and everyone evacuates the building by using the stairs. It's not as chaotic as it may initially seem because there are people on each floor who are my coworkers who have the job of being Fire Wardens. They direct, helping us stay organized and in control.

We are told things like:

  • Where are your flat shoes?

  • Do you have a buddy?

  • Do NOT take the elevator!

  • and You have to evacuate the building, False alarm or not!

All in all, this usually amounts to the whole building (both towers- North tower 45 floors, South tower 31 floors.) being evacuated and what this means for me if I get to climb down 25 flights of stairs usually in high heels because I've forgotten my flat shoes (I still will argue that I am not a hazard and that I can do anything in 4 inch heels.).

The first time I did this I actually felt great- the muscles in my legs were excited. I am active in my life, walking, hiking, making out, skiing, dancing and yoga are all ways that I enjoy my body. I do not go to the gym though- it's not in my nature. I'm a was "skinny fat girl" ( someone who has a great body but doesn't need to do anything to keep it). Not until recently have I learnt to respect my body and treat it right with proper nutrition (OK- so I still have cake for breakfast but no biggie- right??!). I started thinking that maybe I should be doing the stairs just for fun, and not just walking down them but coming up!

I took the time to research things with the building security to make sure it was allowed and I found another woman who was interested and we now climb the stairs at least once a week. I feel fantastic doing it! I've gained strength in my legs and I have an energy for the rest of the day that just can't be compared to anything else (except maybe love!)

It takes about 20 minutes to do 31 flights of stairs... at 20 stairs a flight that's 620. It gets hot and sticky in there but it's no big deal. I like it! So that's what I am getting ready to do in the next 15 minutes. Ready to climb my Stairway to Heaven- sans Jimmy Page.


Rolley said...

Wow, I've never worked in a sky scraper, there's no sky scrapers in my town at all actually! I'm sort of envious about your nearby mountains, I even google earthed them! (no I'm not a stalker!) I just love mountains and look at them all the time. There's nothing like the Rocky Mountains anywhere near here! I blogged about mountains recently actually, hehe.

Thinking of it, I've never even set my eyes upon mountains so high (as the Rockies - spelling?). The biggest I've ever seen are some of the mountains in Tasmania - Frenchman's Cap in the Franklin Wilderness area.. we were supposed to climb it on a big rafting trip but water levels prevented it.. :(

Its fantastic you've taken to the stairs, its great hey. Pushing through physical and mental barriers and basically just being active does really make you feel more happy and energetic! I've been walking and jogging on the oval 3-4 days a week here and its great tot just get out and do stuff. I got to lay in the grass with some kangaroos this week, they were suss on me but it was pretty cool heh.

Jo said...

Wow! I am impressed. You're actually making pretty good time on those stairs.

I used to work in a skyscraper building here in Vancouver and I walked up ten flights of stairs every day. I worked on the 20th floor, took the elevator to the 10th and walked the rest of the way.

I love Calgary. It's a very pretty city.