Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love On A Plate

So, I was going to be all whiz like and link my "Half Denver" from the previous post to a picture or something that would expresses my adoration towards my Half Denver Breakfast Sandwich.


THIS caught my eye... amazing.

THIS is just what I need right now *sigh*
I want love on a plate...

So with that aside I guess I will give you the definition of a
Half Denver Breakfast Sandwich:

Denver sandwich:
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Denver sandwich, also known as a Western sandwich, consists of a Denver omelet (consisting of at least ham, onion, green pepper, and scrambled eggs), sandwiched between two pieces of bread. The bread is commonly toasted, and the sandwich may or may not contain lettuce or other ingredients, depending on individual taste.

Now what makes this a HALF Denver Sandwich is I ask for NO ham, NO onion and extra cheddar cheese. The guy who makes this for me always says "But that's not a Denver!" and I say "No, it's not.. it's a Half Denver!" and we laugh because all is right in the world.

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