Monday, April 27, 2009

And The Little Pig Went Weee-Weee-Weee All The Way Home From Mexico

This was a busy weekend for me and finally had some time to catch up on the local and national news last night (As well- I watched some CHEESY after school special but that's a whole other blog. We all need to watch things once in a while that are strictly for fluff purpose only. AKA guilty pleasures I assume.). As I clicked on the home page for my local paper I noticed the head liner "Deadly Swine Flu Hit Canada: Alberta On High Alert" and a picture of people standing on a street corner with surgical masks over their faces.

First things first- I'd like to thank the media for attempting to instill fear in me. I would now like to guzzle a bottle of Purell hand Sanitizer and hide away in my freshly bleached condo.

Second thing- Swine Flu? Where do these names come from?? First there was Bird Flu and now Swine Flu- old MacDonald needs to look after his live stock a bit better and stop people with weak immune systems from playing with his animals.

I'm going to be a good girl and find out where this stuff comes from before I babble myself into sounding super simple.

For Pig Flu info click HERE

Can I Haz A Mini Pigs?


Rolley said...

haha yeahhh hrmmmmmm swine flue? That is a funny name isn't it!! I saw that on the news tonight, apparently its here in Australia now.. and.. SHOCK.. HORROR, the vaccine or some crap is still 10 weeks away! hehe.. I shouldn't laugh cuz apparently some people are very sick but hey, its annoying how the media try to freak every one out! : )

amourissima said...

As Chicken Little would say- "The sky is falling!"

I thought this was a great article though it doesn't really go beyond North America..

I'm sure all will be forgotten in a few months.