Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Louise Bourgeois: spiderwoman

Louise Bourgeois has been regarded by some as one of the worlds most important artists although she never gained recognition until her 70's when New York's Museum of Modern Art put on a retrospective of Bourgeois' work.

It has been said that Bourgeois sculptures incorporate a sense of vulnerability and fragility. Her works are often viewed to have a sense of sexuality to them, which she believed is a large part of both vulnerability and fragility

Her most famous work is a gigantic spider made of stainless steel and marble which stands outside of the Tate Modern in London which she titled Mamam- after her mother. Her mother who was an industrious tapestry restorer, always spinning her own web. For Bourgeois, the spider was a symbol of strength and feminine independence and the perfect metaphor for how she viewed her mother.

And I believe it is the perfect metaphor for Louise Bourgeois, the "spiderwoman". Who outlived many men who shared homage in her industry, who excelled in what she did after the death of her husband and who lived a full life till May 31, 2010 when she passes away suddenly from a heart attack. She was 93.

There is no greater inspiration to me then that.

Louise Bourgeois
December 25, 1911- May 31, 2010

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