Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010: A Year In Retrospect

Welcome, 2011. With open arms I great you with warmth and excitement mixed with a slight tone of nostalgia for time passed.

2010 was a year of learning for me. Entering into it I was turning 30, a mental challenge all in it's self. The anxiety associated with the sudden realization that life was (and is) actually real and passing before my eyes was, well... scary. I am an adult now, a real adult and though there is always room for mistakes, I should know a bit better now. 

I started doing things, learning things and being things. I took control of life and made it work for me. I discovered for the first time that doing well in school had nothing to do with how "smart" I thought I was or wasn't- it had to do with hard work. Dedication and understanding priorities. I did well. This rule I discovered also applied to other areas of my life such as work. Regardless of the economy or any of that jazz that we see screaming at us from the front pages of news papers, my hard work paid off  and I was rewarded.

I joined a gym for the first time I then I quit the gym. I tried, it wasn't my thing. At least for now.

I took funk fusion dance classes and learned how to wack and Vogue instead.

I learned that death happens and there is nothing that you can do to stop it. It can't be controlled or predicted, it just happens. Yes, it doesn't make sense- at least it doesn't to me but I really don't want to spend my life thinking about it and trying to figure it out. And I really don't want to be scared of it.

Wholesome, whole wheat, home made pancakes are the perfect way to start the day. They really are.

My friends really stepped up this year, I am so grateful for all of them. There were times when I needed to turn to someone to hold my hand, walk me home or sometimes just sit and wait till the storm had passed. And they were there, without hesitation, judgment and with endless patience.

I took many steps out of my coveted comfort zone and learned to relax a little. A lot of it is just state of mind. 

I learnt that one person can't hold me back in life, that I can't sit around and wait for them to join me on the dance floor (metaphorically speaking). I also learnt to follow passions, no matter how old they are or how silly others may see them, the fire in my belly isn't silly and I need to follow it. 

So with that, I am set with what I want 2011 to expand into. 

Keep following my heart and that fire in my belly. Keep engaging my passions and going with it. 

Continue to seek out connections and maintain the ones that are important to me- to whatever degree that may be. 

Keep trying new things every month, I made a goal last year to try something new every month. It could be something as simple as taking a class or attending a seminar. Getting out there and being the most involved and interested person I can be is important to me. 

Work towards my decade goal of having a house and a family. I want that more than anything right now, I want a back yard to mow, a garden to weed, a front driveway to shovel in the winter. I want a family to share life with, even if it's just me, my partner and a couple of dogs. 

I want to travel this year. 3 trips. Plan them, book them and take them regardless of how insane work becomes. 

Maybe I'll even get a car? Maybe not. 

Spend time with family, I do that already but I want to keep doing it. It's important to me. 

2011 will bring change as does any year. Keep doing what I'm doing and make sure to always be extending myself even a little past my comfort zone.  Exciting and a little scary, I'm ready for it. I was born ready. 

So looking back on it, what was 2010 like for you? What do you think 2011 will bring? 

Happy New Year and Happy January! 

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