Friday, February 11, 2011

Hungry World, It's a Funeral

Paper Lamps, Canopy tents, Barefeet, and Wildflowers

Funeral's are funny things. Strange things. Never really a pleasant thing regardless of how hard the family tries to make it a celebration of life. Everyone tries so hard to be strong but really, what does that really get you? A headache and a need to have a shot of something strong and hard.

I don't really consider myself a morbid person by any sense of the word. I don't have a strange fascination with death or sickness. My taste is far from Gothic and tainted. I can honestly say that I've thought more about what my funeral should be like then my actual wedding. A funeral is something that basically everyone will have, a wedding however, not so much. Though, I can't really dance at my own funeral. That might be frowned upon.

This summer, at Folk Fest,  one of the bands that Laura and I were stalking for the weekend played a fantastic song called Funeral. The song is originally done by JT and The Clouds but Po' Girl was the band that had collaborated with JT to create this gem of a jam. As mentioned in a previous post, as soon as I heard the song I turned to her and told her that I wanted this song played at my funeral to which she agreed. I wasn't done though, I told her that she also had to dance and without hesitation my dance less best friend agreed that she would also dance. At my Funeral. To this song. She has to hold up her end of the bargain, I have it here in writing. Twice actually.

Hey pretty baby let’s shake it like
Somebody died
Hey mama it’s a funeral
Whole green world is a funeral
The whiskey and ginger is fine
Ice cream man never lied to you
Every beautiful thing is true

I see the black cars in a line
Like a dream of black swans drifting by
Under dim stars there’s no time no time
Then I see the sweat on the back of your neck
- silver -
ooh you’re so slender child
who’s my solid sender baby doll?

Hey pretty baby let’s shake it like
Somebody died….

Raindrops on the car tops
Count them remember them
‘til the sun comes back and takes them away
forget them forget them forget them forget them
and the stars too they were for you
and you loved them and they loved you
‘til the dawn came ‘cause it had to
now you’re standing there struck dumb
in the bright blue

Hey pretty baby let’s shake it like
Somebody died…

No one can wear black, I won't allow it. We wear enough black; I wear enough black. Hats and sunglasses are totally acceptable. So are gloves if you wish. The food has to be good and the bar has to be open. I want it to feel as much like summer as possible. Actually, as I think about it. I want my wedding to be the same way but I want to be alive for that one. I'm not sure if you have ever seen the movie Rachel Getting Married but that is the type of celebration I like. Music, food, dancing, movement, passion, authentic and connection.

So on that strange note, I wish you a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend.

~w/ respects to D. Entz 1991-2011

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