Friday, February 3, 2012

Looking for Words

Yesterday my BFF got married and I am lost for words. I haven't been able to really share my thoughts with her, how I happy I am to see her this fulfilled. I just have a warmth in my heart and happy tears in my eyes. It's simple. But that's just how we are, nothing has ever been that complicated between us so why should this?

Over the last year, as I have re posted before, I have written a few posts about this love and her journey to getting to this point.

LB has been in my life since 1997, as the sister of my high school sweetheart we became close by default. Then when things started to change and I entered adulthood, Laura stayed by my side. Through all of it. Evey broken heart, panic attack, concert and upset tummy. She was my emotional support when I didn't trust anyone else in my life. She supported me through everything and called me out when I needed to be.

And now she has the love of her person by her side. A new family, a new role and her own new life.

Watching her through the events of the day I could finally see how complete this had made her.

I've always said that she is more than a friend to me, she is a sister by choice.

I have so much heart where LB and C are concerned though I've always been some what vauge and criptic about it. Out of respcet for thier privacy. There stories aren't really mine to tell, but I can share how they've change and inspired my life.

Here is a part of that journey:

and I'm sure there will be more as I am countinually touched in my life by her and her own "forever family"

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