Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Best Friends Happiness

She found happiness

It wasn't until early this year that my best friend found her soul mate. It renewed my faith in finding a love so special that it could change your life. I stopped believing in that a little while ago. I became disenchanted with the hope that I would find someone who would be my match. I figured that I had missed my boat and that I was past my prime and had to basically accept that I was going to either be with the wrong person for the rest of my life or be alone.

In turn, my best friends journey to connection shifted my own paradigm resulting in it's own series of events.
To see her fully immersed in her life, being herself, giving and receiving love- was so special. I was moved. Love is always moving for me, making me a little misty eyed with happiness and to see someone who means so much to me just enveloped in such adoration and emotional intimacy, it's spectacular.

And I started to beleive that there might actually be that perfect match out there for me.

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