Monday, June 29, 2009

The Things I Should Have Done Tonight...

What I should have done tonight...

  • I should have gone to the bank to deposit that cheque

  • I should have gone to Lulu Lemon up the street and done some free yoga

  • I should have put my luggage back down in the storage unit

  • I should have taken pictures of the items I want to sell on Craig's List

  • I should have sorted through all those books that I don't plan on reading a second time

  • I should have gone for a tan

  • I should have done some laundry

  • I should have made a proper dinner and maybe even lunch for tomorrow

  • I should have cleaned up the bit of clutter in the corner

  • I should have updated done some research about what to do Canada Day

  • I should have called my mum

  • I should have done the dishes right away

  • I should have earned 10 Airmiles

What I ended up doing instead...

  • Putting some old pictures from the end of May on Facebook

  • Got some new music

  • Earned 5 Airmiles

  • Researching ideas to finish up my living room

  • Updated my Calendar so I don't forget anything

  • Watched a Mythbusters

  • Organized my Podcasts

  • Scratched my mosquito bite

  • Did some thinking

  • Ate some cake- yum

  • Listened to the new Wilco album which comes out tomorrow.

  • Read some blogs that I've been meaning too for the last week

  • Looked at houses for sale


TheDecoDetective said...

Oh, well - updating you calendar sounds like a very smart thing to do! And you never know when you'll need the knowledge you get from Mythbusters (I love these guys)!
Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Rolley said...

hahaah!! I definitely have similar nights..or days! but, think of it like this.. if you HAD done all the stuff in the above list, would you then have felt that you should have spent more time doing the stuff in the bottom list? I bet you would have! Sometimes the usual things you "should" do just have to wait a little hey : )