Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big Brother 12- Week Three

this isn't goodbye, it's להתראות

Andrew the Jewish foot doctor just stuck his foot in his mouth and chocked on it all the way out the door. I am so sad to see him go. He was great- the little bit that we did get to see (aside from the hissy fits of week three) he was pretty fun in a glorious geeky way. Nothing better than a man with a good case of tidy to get my ol' heart pumping. I'd love to Windex the Windows and vacuum the floors with him- we'd make a great team. Go Team Clean!

We also saw a bit of what the producers saw in Lane that made them want to put him on the show.

This little video is the BEST part of week three- watch it all the way through. Do it.

  • First minute and 20 seconds- Andrew cleaning

  • the next 2 minutes and 20 seconds- Veto Choices (this may be boring but it's worth it for the next part)

  • The next 4 minutes Der Bergade's alliance shooting the shit. Sans Hayden the Hanson Brother.Awesome

A side from that the rest of the week was super lame.

Cookies of the Week
  • Britney the small town back stabbing blond (She's funny and needs waaaaay more camera time)
  • Lane for just being awesome- just like Britney
  • Andrew

Mud Puddles of the Week
  • Fun Bags Rachel for yelling at Andrew for "getting between her and her man!" ugh.
  • Anyone in a showmance- no more showmance!
  • Matt the Smart Mensa Guy for having stupid choices to put up on the chopping block.

I'm writing this half way through week four so I can tell you that things get better and a lot worse. Also they did have the last 2 evicted House Guests in sequester but they released them all when Andrew was booted on Sunday. So, we will not be see the return of Annie, the hot bi-chick.

That is all for now. Good Night Everybody.

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