Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Let's Talk About Christmas

Don't let this be you.

I'm not pessimistic in any sense of the word. I've actually been called annoyingly positive and optimistic... I call my self a realist, somewhat rational. I actually just call myself Blanche. I say this because I am about to tell you that I am thinking about Christmas and I've been thinking about Christmas since June. True story.

June 21st  is Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. As soon as that day pops up I know that the days are no longer getting longer and that they are in fact getting shorter. When June 21st pops up on the calendar I think to myself "Well Blanche, Christmas is on the way!". On the flip side, when December 21st (which is Winter Solstice-the shortest day of the year)  pops up on the calendar I think to myself  "Well Blanche, summer is on the way!".

I say this all because, it's true. I've been thinking about Christmas. Today, I just bought the tickets to Stuart McLean's Christmas Concert. So excited. You may remember my encounter with Mr. McLean himself at last years concert. This year, his headlining musical guest is the amazing Matt Andersen who toured last year with him. Breath taking talent. The other musical guests have been left in a bit of mystery with the only clue being that "This artist has never toured with us before".

This is what Jess Milton, the Vinyl Cafe Producer said regarding this years Christmas Concert:

"The Christmas concerts will feature two brand-new Dave and Morley stories. And, because you liked him so much last year, we'll be bringing our pal and musician Matt Andersen out with us on the Christmas Tour. If you saw Matt perform last year, I know you'll want to see him again. And if you missed him last year - you'll definitely want to catch him this year. In addition to Matt Andersen, we'll have another special musical guest along - someone we've NEVER toured with…so they'll probably be new to you too."

So, this is where I am about to tell you what to do-

If you have a chance, buy a ticket and go see him. Take your mum, you dad, your little one, your old one. Bring your best friend, your lover or your neighbour. Give it as a gift of love. It's worth it- trust me.

and now I promise not to mention Christmas until maybe October.

PS: I hate winter. Brrr....

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