Monday, August 16, 2010

Confession: I Squish Coffee Bean Bags at the Store

pre-squished.  Mmmmmm smells good...

Beware, I love the smell of coffee. Laura taught me a few weeks ago that you can squeeze a bag of coffee beans with the little freshness valves and it releases fresh coffee bean smell through a little hole in the front. Well, this was the best game ever! I squish those bags and sniff-sniff-sniff. It's true, I was just doing it yesterday at Safeway.

So buyer beware, the next time you go to the grocer to quickly pick up a bag of beans realise that I may have had my nose all up in its business. Even though I don't drink the stuff, I like the smell.

FYI for all you non-coffee drinkers out there-

Question: Why are there little holes or valves in my bag of coffee beans?

Answer: If you buy roasted coffee from a quality establishment (and you should, at least occasionally), you might be curious about the holes or valves that your coffee bags have.

Freshly roasted coffee beans give off a great deal of carbon dioxide, for several hours after roasting. To prevent this "off-gassing" from bursting their bags, coffee roasters used to hold coffee for up to 24 hours before packaging. This meant that your coffee was already a day old before it even left the supplier.

By using bags with one-way air valves, coffee can be packed immediately without off-gassing worries. A bag with valves tells you that your supplier is interested in providing a good product, and that your coffee is as fresh as possible.

So there you have it. Do you have any semi destructive 110% self fulfilling things you do at the grocery store?

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