Friday, August 7, 2009

Aging Inspiration

I would be lying if I didn't admit that getting old gives me a good case of the worries... questions like:

  • Have I done enough in my life so far?
  • What if I never end up with the family I dream of?
  • What if I get cancer?

I know, it's not an overly positive way to think but even for this happy go lucky girl I still have concerns on my mind and they become more predominant as I edge closer to 30... I've never been concerned about this stuff before? I guess I've always taken youth for granted without even realising it. I live my life and enjoy each day, try to be good to myself and others around me. Live with integrity, positive intentions and try not to let those winter blues get the most of me. I still get stuck in what's comfortable and though my instinct is to move on I still hold on to some things that really are just holding me back. My main goal is to participate in life and I think that I am but I still worry a little. Perhaps I can pass the blame for that on human nature?

With those anxieties gnawing away at my nerves ever so slightly I stumbled across a post in a new-to-me blog I've been following The Clever Pup (originally I clicked on it because of the charming picture of Algy). I've already made one of the recipes listed- can't remember the name so I just called it "Chicken Apple Oven Thing"... I am so eloquent. Anyway, today I came across another one of The Clever Pup's post regarding a well living woman of 100 years.

Please, read the post now -> Sans Souci- With Out A Care at 100

Reading it a few times over I found myself filled with a warmth of acceptance that I still have time. There is still lots of life to live and I'm doing just fine. Keep things simple- which is good because that's JUST the way I like it and ease up on the worry.

Ease up on the worry, next thing I going to find myself doing is worrying about worrying- ha! Regardless, I wanted to share this because I found it inspiring to my spirit. Now I'm off to go find myself a row boat and a "drink and dividend".

(Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay by Frederick Varley; Red Boat Painting Borrowed from Risdboston)


The Clever Pup said...

Thanks for mentioning me in such a pleasant light. I'm blushing.


Rolley said...

haha nice : ) I liked the read on the clever pup. It reminds me of a nice old lady I did some work for here a few years back, she was writing a autobiography for her kids, and kids kids and so on.. I was doing the design work. Anyway, for her 100th bday she went sky diving, man it was a sight, everyone had a huge smile as they watched her come down to the earth and land on the beach.

Like you said.. plenty of time to do and be what you want. I think we all get those moments of question and worry though, its only natural. I get them too! YEP! (frowning and looking puzzled right now).

You've got the right outlook though, enjoying each day as it comes and just being a good person.. I think that's what really counts in the end. It'll give you much to reflect and smile upon in later years.

The hardest thing for me is dealing with how quick all this time goes.. sometimes I feel so busy I feel like a robot, and my day or week is lost without a shred of memory about it. I find real peace when I can mentally slow things down and forget about clocks ticking away, just relaxing and thinking about things, appreciating the things that are around me at the moment and so on..

anyway, I hear ya!

amourissima said...

Oooh I am BLUSHING- The Clever Pup has come and visted! *blush* thanks for the comment!

I can totally relate- well put!